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I lost my grip in the Ichetucknee
I lost my grip in the Ichetucknee
archival inkjet print

Do you ever wake up and feel like suddenly all bets are off? Change is afoot and the illusion that you can control it's direction causes your heart to beat out of your chest and your mouth to run dry, like death is breathing down your throat?

I lost my grip diving in the Ichetucknee the first time I went. I was totally unprepared for the massive class one spring the joins the river downstream from the headspring. I was floating lazily with my camera, not even wearing my fins, when I came upon the most beautiful scene, but was swept right past it. Determined as I always am, I tried to swim back but I was completely powerless. I tried clinging to trees, roots, the tubes, Lux, everything! Desperate to get my fins back on, I almost lost control of my camera and my mask came off. To the point where I actually felt like I was drowning, and might have to let go my camera to save myself. Until I realized, that all I needed to do was to relax. To let go of the picture in my mind, and let the current sweep us both along on its glorious way. Will I be back to see that scene again? Perhaps. Will it be the same? The river is never the same twice.